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Free Burma!


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About "Free Burma!"


私達、国境を越えたブロガー達は、ビルマの平和的な革命を指示するための活動 をしています。
何の武器も持たず、残酷な軍事政権と戦っている彼等に、私達の共感を示し、応 援しましょう。

そして各々のブログに、10月4日(木)に、バナーの掲載と「Free Burma!」(ビ ルマに自由を!)の言葉を、アンダーライン付テキストでポストするキャンペー ンを計画しています。


Join our list of participants

Show your sympathy for the Free Burma! action and sign our list of participants, whether or not you're a blogger, website owner or someone who wants to point the way to democracy and freedom in Burma!
If you are a forum user or admin from a large website you can also participate in our "Groups for Free Burma!" action.

List of participants closed! Thank you for more than 14.000 subscriptions in 7 days!

Take part in this action for a Free Burma!

1. Publish a posting (Bulletin Board, Forum, Blog, Social Network, Static Website…) on the 4th of October with the header: “Free Burma!”

2. Tag it if you can with “Free Burma”

3. Choose a grafic from our Grafics page and

4. Link to there your readers will find some informations about the campaign and Burma and a participant list which you can join. Even if you're a webmaster of a bulletin board or social network you will find a special Group List to join.

5. Add our Petition Widget to your blog/website.

6. Feel free to write any additional text you want

If you have no website or blog we need you even more: Please help us to spread the word across the internet, tell your neighbours, friends or kids and first of all: Sign our list of participants!

Spread the word

Please help to spread the word about the Free Burma! action.
Comment on blogs to promote our campaign, write website owners and forum admins to inform them, post on forums and guestbooks, tell your whole neighborhood about us.

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Please use one of the these graphics for your blog/forum/website post or pick one from our Flickr group.