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Monday, 08.10.07, 1 a.m. CET

Thank you for your patience, please see here for our final report with log data. We updated the Media page with the latest media appearance and closed the list of participants. Thank you for more than 14.000 subscriptions!


Saturday, 06.10.07, 4 a.m. CET

An announcement for our German visitors:
Two German Bloggers offer a survey to get consolidated findings about the sociological and political motivation of participants in the Free Burma! action. Please participate, we will try to offer as soon as possible their finding for our international audience in English too.


Friday, 05.10.07, 12 p.m. CET

The 4th of October is finally over and the response worldwide was stunning! We're working on some kind of report for the 4th of October, trying to compile some statistics and data. Will be released untill sunday.


Thursday, 04.10.07, 8 p.m. CET

This is incredible: More than 10.000 subscriber took part in this action and the number is growing with every minute! Thank you for your support!



Thursday, 04.10.07, 5 p.m. CET

Missed the Newsline Special on Radio Netherlands Worldwide? Here is a short snippet (.mp3, 6,4 MB), including an extract of the interview. "RNW's relay station in Madagascar also provides airtime for broadcasters that are specifically targeting listeners whose freedom of expression and access to unbiased news is restricted. Currently this includes the Democratic Voice of Burma, Voice of Tibet, and Voice of the People which broadcasts to Zimbabwe."


Thursday, 04.10.07, 1 p.m. CET

More than 20.000 visitors on the first half of October 4th - thank you!
And it seems that we've found the first Blog entry taking part in this action on October 4th located in New Caledonia at around 01:00 local time! And it is not too late for you to take part, please join our list of participations or write your own posting.

Wanna hear something? Radio Netherlands Worldwide interviewed us about this action and the situation in Burma. Broadcasting live to an international audience over the WRN satellite link to Europe at around 3-5 p.m. CET, with later repeats over the shortwave to the rest of the world INCLUDING BURMA ITSELF!


Thursday, 04.10.07, 4 a.m. CET

Perhaps a bit late but not too late for you: The Free Burma! Petition Widget! Simple HTML code, copy&paste ready for your blog/website! Fast loading and easy to use! The subscriber will be added at the end of the day to the list of participations on Thank you for your support!

Copy & Paste the HTML into your website/blog, looks best under one of our graphics.
If you want to use the widget without its background color, please remove "background: #c90000;" in the first line.
If you expecting an error message while including the widget, please use instead a simple link to our website.


5000 subscribers and counting! Spread the word!



Wednesday, 03.10.07, 12 p.m. CET

Short Update:
We added the eighth language to this website: Arabic (thanks to Esra and Dalia Ziada)
And we can announce a nice video addition from! In the video the German Blogger walks through Wiesbaden (Germany) and asks people what they know about the current situation in Burma. The answers are often not very satisfying.
Talking about success: 1000 new subscriptions in 6 hours! Thank you all!


Wednesday, 03.10.07, 6 p.m. CET

Thank you for your overwhelming support since Free Burma! started last sunday! Thank you for hundreds of Emails with links, news articles, media inquiries, ideas and any kind of support! No one expected such a huge participation!

More than 30.000 visitors in almost 4 days with more than 3.800 participants. This will be one of the fastest growing, decentralized online actions ever.

To participate please follow the instructions, pick one of our graphics (you can choose which one fits best to your website!) and link it back to Thank you!